Swap & Sale more popular each year

9th Annual Gently-used Clothing

& Sports Equipment Swap & Sale

Have lots of clothes in those closets and drawers just taking up space?  Kids outgrown their clothes again?   How about soccer cleats?   Be sure to attend the annual Gently Used Clothing & Sports Equipment Swap & Sale held in conjunction with Green Fest.

Here's How It Works:

The week before Green Fest, you may drop off clean, gently-used clothing of any size (infant - adult) and gently used sports equipment at the Community Center in Shafer Park.  Earn a credit for each piece you drop off. Please do not drop-off clothing with stains, holes, or tears.

On the day of Green Fest, take the credit vouchers to the Green Fest swap in Pavilion #1 and choose an equal number of pieces. Items may also be swapped during the Green Fest, but it is preferable if the clothing is received in advance so items can be sorted appropriately.

Clothes should be folded and in bags labeled with the donor's name. Those with nothing to swap may purchase clothing at yard-sale prices (50 cents each). Donation tax receipts are available upon request.

All clothing not swapped or sold will be donated to Children in Need, Inc. of Washington County.  All monetary proceeds will be donated to Micah's Backpack, which provides nutritious meals and snacks to hungry kids during weekends when they don't have access to meals at school.  

Want to volunteer?

We can always use volunteers, including high school students looking for SSL (Student Service Learning) hours.  Click here for volunteering information.

More about THE SWAP

The Gently Used Clothing and Sports Equipment Swap & Sale has been in operation since the first Green Fest in May 2009.  The Swap will occupy Pavilion #1, next to the Recycling Zone parking lot, during this year's Green Fest on Saturday, May 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Every year the Swap gets bigger and bigger. Last year more than 10,000 pieces of clothing were swapped. Again this year, organizers predict that at least 10,000 pieces will be swapped or donated.


With all those items to be sorted into sizes, you can only imagine how much work must be done in advance of the Saturday swap and sale. So, organizers begin accepting items in the Community Center at Shafer Park four days during the week prior to the festival: Tuesday through Friday, May 9-12, from 4:30-8 p.m. and Wednesday, May 10, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Click here for a flyer, suitable for posting.


Local churches and the Town of Boonsboro make this event possible by donating collection space for a full week before the Green Fest.


A number of church groups and local nonprofits, led by a group of area moms, assist with collecting, sorting and selling items.  Organizations taking part in the project over the years have included: St. James Catholic Church, St. Agnes Catholic Church, a local Cub Scout troop, Boonsboro High School National Junior Honors Society, Benevola United Methodist Church, Boonsboro Green Fest Committee, and many individuals, including scores of students.


Everyone involved benefits from the swap:

  • Citizens feel good about cleaning out their closets and donating reusable items. 
  • Moms who must clothe their growing youngsters can swap outgrown clothing for "new" wardrobes  at no charge.
  • Adults of all shapes and sizes can shop for needed items either by swapping unwanted items or buying items for 50 cents each.
  • Volunteers feel good by sorting, folding and organizing the clothing. 
  • Students volunteers are eligible for Student Service Learning (SSL) hours.


Proceeds from the sale of items are donated to Micah's Backpack to be used in a program that reaches children from area elementary schools whose families experience trouble in providing meals over the weekend when the youngsters are not in school. The program is part of the services provided by the South County Food Bank.


Items that are leftover are donated to Children In Need, Inc. of Washington County, a non-profit organization providing local children the necessities needed for learning.


The popularity of the clothing swap sparked the addition of a Sports Equipment Swap, which is run concurrently with the clothing swap.


Tax receipts are available for donations.